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You have a gitolite install on host $MASTER, and you want a mirror on $SLAVE. Here is one way to do that. $CLIENT is your workstation, that need not be the same as $MASTER or $SLAVE.

  1. On $CLIENT, install gitolite on $SLAVE. It is ok to re-use your gitolite admin key here, but make sure you have both public and private key in .ssh, or confusion ensues. Note that when gitolite asks you to double check the "host gitolite" ssh stanza, you probably want to change hostname to $SLAVE, at least temporarily (if not, at least the checkout of the gitolite-admin repo will fail) You may want to copy .gitolite.rc from $MASTER when gitolite fires up an editor.

  2. On $CLIENT copy the "gitolite" stanza of .ssh/config to gitolite-mirror to a stanza called e.g. gitolite-slave fix the hostname of the gitolite stanza so it points to $MASTER again.

  3. On $MASTER, as gitolite user, make passphraseless ssh-key. Probably you should call it something like 'mirror'

  4. Still on $MASTER. Add a stanza like the following to $gitolite_user/.ssh/config

      host gitolite-mirror
        hostname $SLAVE
        identityfile ~/.ssh/mirror

    run ssh gitolite-mirror at least once to test and set up any "know_hosts" file.

  5. On $CLIENT change directory to a checkout of gitolite admin from $MASTER. Make sure it is up to date with respect origin

     git pull
  6. Edit .git/config (or, in very recent git, use git remote seturl --push --add) so that remote origin looks like

     fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
     url = gitolite:gitolite-admin
     pushurl = gitolite:gitolite-admin
     pushurl = gitolite-slave:gitolite-admin
  7. Add a stanza

    repo @all
      RW+     = mirror

to the bottom of your gitolite.conf Add mirror.pub to keydir.

  1. Now overwrite the gitolite-admin repo on $SLAVE

    git push -f

    Note that empty repos will be created on $SLAVE for every repo on $MASTER.

  2. The following one line post-update hook to any repos you want mirrored (see the gitolite documentation for how to automate this) You should not modify the post update hook of the gitolite-admin repo.

    git push --mirror gitolite-mirror:$GL_REPO.git

  3. Create repos as per normal in the gitolite-admin/conf/gitolite.conf. If you have set the auto post-update hook installation, then each repo will be mirrored. You should only push to $MASTER; any changes pushed to $SLAVE will be overwritten.