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You are maintaining a debian package with topgit. You have a topgit patch against version k and it is has been merged into upstream version m. You want to "disable" the topgit branch, so that patches are not auto-generated, but you are not brave enough to just

   tg delete feature/foo

You are brave enough to follow the instructions of a random blog post.

Checking your patch has really been merged upstream

This assumes that you tags upstream/j for version j.

git checkout feature/foo
git diff upstream/k

For each file foo.c modified in the output about, have a look at

git diff upstream/m foo.c

This kindof has to be a manual process, because upstream could easily have modified your patch (e.g. formatting).

The semi-destructive way

Suppose you really never want to see that topgit branch again.

git update-ref -d refs/topbases/feature/foo
git checkout master
git branch -M feature/foo merged/foo

The non-destructive way.

After I worked out the above, I realized that all I had to do was make an explicit list of topgit branches that I wanted exported. One minor trick is that the setting seems to have to go before the include, like this

TG_BRANCHES=debian/bin-makefile debian/libtoolize-lib debian/test-makefile
-include /usr/share/topgit/tg2quilt.mk


I'm not really sure which approach is best yet. I'm going to start with the non-destructive one and see how that goes.

Updated Madduck points to a third, more sophisticated approach in Debian BTS.