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The Emacs part is superceded by a cleaner approach

I the upcoming term I want to use KC Lu's web based stacker tool.

The key point is that it takes (small) programs encoded as part of the url.

Yesterday I spent some time integrating it into my existing org-beamer workflow.

In my init.el I have

(defun org-babel-execute:stacker (body params)
  (let* ((table '(? ?\n ?: ?/ ?? ?# ?[ ?] ?@ ?! ?$ ?& ??
                    ?( ?) ?* ?+ ?, ?= ?%))
         (slug (org-link-encode body table))
         (simplified (replace-regexp-in-string "[%]20" "+" slug nil 'literal)))
    (format "\\stackerlink{%s}" simplified)))

This means that when I "execute" the block below with C-c C-c, it updates the link, which is then embedded in the slides.

#+begin_src stacker :results value latex :exports both
  (deffun (f x)
    (let ([y 2])
      (+ x y)))
  (f 7)
#+begin_export latex

The \stackerlink macro is probably fancier than needed. One could just use \href from hyperref.sty, but I wanted to match the appearence of other links in my documents (buttons in the margins).

This is based on a now lost answer from stackoverflow.com; I think it wasn't this one, but you get the main idea: use \hyper@normalise.

% define \stacker@base appropriately
    \coordinate (here) at (0,0);%
    \draw (current page.south west |- here)%
    node[xshift=2ex,yshift=3.5ex,fill=magenta,inner sep=1pt]%
    {\hyper@linkurl{\tiny\textcolor{white}{stacker}}{\stacker@base?program=#1}}; %