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Books and other reference material

All of the reference materials for this course are either in the UNB Library, or freely available on the net.


A reference for Git is Pro Git


The JavaScript part of the course will be based Eloquent Javascript. A Local Mirror exists for use in case of network problems (or during exams).

The MDN JavaScript Documentation is encyclopedic, and the best place to look if you can't find what you need in the text. There is a partial local copy for use during tests. It has a few rough edges, but all of the same text should be there.

There is also a local copy of Node.js API documentation, and of the ES2015 features reference


For the Octave part of the course, we will use some chapters from Gnu Octave: beginner's guide. We will also refer to the Gnu Octave Reference Manual

A local mirror of the Gnu Octave Reference Manual is available

The linear algebra background is covered in any linear algebra textbook. We'll refer to the online text by Ken Kuttler


The Python part of the course will be based on Practical Python. There is a local mirror.

A local mirror of the Python documentation is also available.