UNB/ CS/ David Bremner/ teaching/ CS2999 Problem Solving for programmers -- Fall 2020
Professor David Bremner
Office ITC321 Out of the office for Fall 2020 Term.
Phone 506-447-3300 untested
Instructor Email bremner AT unb.ca preferred

Office Hours

For winter 2021, my office hours are by appointment. Send me an email with a few times that work for for you, and we can set up a teams call (or something else, if you're external to UNB).

For times when I might be available, look for blank spots in my public schedule

Course Work

This course consists of individual work solving programming problems (mainly from the kattis collection.

Problems will be assigned by the instructor and posted on this web page, as well as on kattis.

Problem correctness will be as judged by the online judging system, or in cases where that is not possible, and/or the instructor.

In case of dispute, the instructor will decide whether a given solution is correct.


This course is Credit/No-Credit.

There will be roughly weekly contests on Kattis (lasting one week), each with 3 or 4 problems.

To receive credit, you must complete ⌊n/2⌋ problems where n is the total number of problems assigned. Each problem for credit must be solved during the corresponding contest (i.e. during the appropriate week).

Participation in official (e.g. ICPC organized) programming contests is encouraged. You can count up to 2 contest problems per contest towards your totals only if you solve them during the contest.

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