UNB/ CS/ David Bremner/ teaching/ cs4735/ milestones/ CS4735 Lab 4

Initial Setup

  1. Base your work in this lab on handout/matsuda-lea/extra/Sin{Cube,Tri}.{js,html}

  2. Create a new directory lab4 in your labs repository.

  3. Make yet another copy of handout/matsuda-lea/lib in your lab4 directory and commit it.

  4. Adjust paths in the example files as necessary to pick up your local copy of the library

  5. This lab is about writing shaders. You may find it useful/neccessary to refer to

    The GLSL Specification

  6. Most of the marks in the lab will be for the a parts; if you're short of time consider skipping 1b and moving on to 2a.

Part 1a: 2D procedural textures


Part 1b: smoothing

polka2D smooth.png

Part 2a: 3D procedural textures

Part 2b: Face coloring

polka3D multi.png