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I understand that Facilities Management has a challenge dealing with antiquated control systems, but I still find the following pretty funny. Imagine if every fall I sent around a message saying "Getting back into the swing of lecturing is really too hard, so I won't be showing up for about 1/2 of the lectures. Check back after Halloween, where I should have figured out where all my classes are." Well, who knows, maybe from the student side it feels like that already.

Subject: PREPARING FOR THE HEATING SEASON: a message from Facilities Management

As cooler weather approaches, UNBF Facilities Management will be systematically turning on building heating systems.

Wide outdoor temperature swings from night to day will necessitate turning on some buildings later than others, resulting in some buildings being cooler in the mornings. Please consider appropriate attire during this shoulder season.

We appreciate your understanding while we prepare for the colder months ahead.