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Recent changes to this wiki:

add headers
raw code for final
recover Lab 25
add placeholder for code samples
fix typo
add sample questions
last year's final questions
initial update of final exam page
fix path suggestions
move L25 to L24
monte carlo is not as much fun as images
remove old assignments and solutions
fix wording
fix link to assignment
attempt to fix link
add link for index expressions
add hint about distance
fix a wording issue
recover lab 23
fix typo
updated L22
update A6
add python rubric
use beta edition of linalg book
steal some time for matrix discussion
add some links for matrix mult
add css
add linear algebra link
start to recover octave lab 1
reboot lab 20
typo fix
add link for nonlocal
add L19
Assignment 5
add hint about |
python regex links
add link to verbose REs
add group demo
extend regexp demo
intro regexps
add numbering
fix book links
last year's lab 18
extend assignment 4
Merge branch 'master' of gitolite-host:db/wiki
add link
update note about previous implimentation of loop
fix list->hash reference
initial update up L17
recover lab 16
add marking scheme, link to sample data
updates lab 16
add sample code for midterm
fix typo
first attempt at moving links to local mirror
replace link with local mirror
hosting seems to have lapsed?
lab 14, from the vaults
reword test part for new emphasis on coverage.
update provided tests for A4
start to update A4
add second practice question
add first sample question
add remaining tests
add numbering
updates from run-through
code-oss / jasmine restyling
reduce number of labs covered by midterm
update topic list for 2018
new api docs
update API docs to 8.11.1
solutions to L12
fix date
add JS rubric
add disclaimer to unfinalized lab
add note about coverage
update `this` discussion
elaborate first part of L12
update test case to support random test execution order
fix path
var -> let
lab 12 and 13 from last year
fix spec requires for new location
tidy wording
write up new part 3 for assignment 3
fix typo
update lab 11 for simpler memoization code
add styling
initial cleanup for lab 11
fix date
last year's lab 11
fix overenthusiastic search and replace
block second hour for cs6999 meeting
tweak lab times and numbering
Last year's lab 10
fix typo
fix typo