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Recent changes to this wiki:

publish lecture 7 and 8
typo fixes
add discussion on combinators
comparison plots
add derivative and integral
start tutorial six.
Initially, just some boilerplate to make plot, cos, sin available
add "axis-aligned" constraint
add flang example
equational form example
fix dates
publish changes to old lectures
publish lectures 5 and 6
flang interpreter, in pieces
publish lecture 5
add AE evaluator
add some more sample questions
whitespace cleanup
add questions on racket syntax, HOF types, and tail-recursion
add substitution question
start tutorial 5
add helper files for grammar question
update wae example.
No idea how the previous mismash was created
slides for cs3613 lecture4
add link to PLAI 1st ed
basis example
example converting to standard form.
Needs markdown page
remove extra lexer
second draft of tutorial 4
remove old code samples
initial draft of tutorial 4, from old assignment
change date, add request for electronic copies
cs6375 assignment 2, for 2017
drop examples for now
lecture 3 slides
fix date
add debugger exercise
add tutorial 3
fix date
creating tag page tags/plai-typed
lecture 2 slides
cs6375 a1 for 2017
give better doc pointers
finalish version of tut2
rename page
start tutorial 2
add link to homework
update office hours
this years lecture1
fix date
lecture notes for cs3613 unit 1
drop 13:30 row
mark swap of meeting for seminar
add link for tutorials to front page
add a hint about running drracket from my home directory
add lp version of flow example
add metadata
rename page
give some hints about how to learn from the tutorial
fine tune racket setup instructions
start tutorial 1 instructions.
update racket setup instructions
wrap in pre
add demo script
make quick ref match plai dialect
add link to software
lp version of class diet example
move office hour
schedule naghmeh seminar
update project
add lp format of example1
update for 2017
remove old readings
remove old assignments
fix date
fix time and location
fix year
cover page for lecture 0
cover page for lecture0
update plt name
update instructions
simplified to just rely on https
publish cs3613 lecture 1
preserve empty directory
gut racket setup page until I can figure out what should go there
update racket page
remove old lectures
update htdp link
remove old news
set fake date to look more pleasing
remove old sample questions
update evaluation and test dates
update books
fix year
update times for 2017
update schedule for winter
add topics for cs3383 final
update for this year's coverage
add link to updated row-mult example