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Recent changes to this wiki:

add hint for Q1
link for unit 2 lecture 1
git-annex adjusted branch
tweak CLRS citation
update links
slides for huffman / mst lecture
demos for live lecture 21
tweak demo links
link to more things
force unique weights
pre-lecture materials unit 2 lecture 1
pre-lecture video on minimum spanning trees
clean up junk
demos for mst lecture 1
clarify link
add reading suggestion
update lab 11
fix whitespace in test case
add some tutorial links
fix anchor
set assignment 6
add blank line
link to video of lecture
fix error in example indices
commit demos
post slides for unit 2 lecture 0
add links for pre-lecture 0
huffman pre-lecture
add huffman coding demo
tweak demo
gut lab 13
No time to do cool map animation
tweak L12
tweak lab 11
add verbiage for extracting body text
add verbiage for match and toString
sketch new questions
update requirements
updating Wednesday's lab
fix typo
fix some time stamps
initial version of lab13, warn about changes to lab 12
spell check L10
initial draft of lab 12
initial draft of lab 11
initial draft of lab 10
draft of JS assignment
tweak question 2
tweak question 2
initial version of A05 for 2020
add link to node debugger
add a "before the lab" section
fix book links
add link for random select lecture
remove mention of small groups
start landing page for greedy algorithms unit
tweak times
initial draft of lab 9
easy lab 8 to get started.
move to jitsi
fix link
update links for videos
add anchors.
fix time
initial version of assignment 4
fix link
fix link
re-indent code samples
add review section
fix link
update background section
renumber parts
add clarification for A2 1.1
remove "small groups"
drop section on combinators
It's a pity, but there's just no time (this year?)
start to revise lab 7
link to order stats lecture slides
slides for order stats lecture
tweak titles
exclude demos from top level inline
inline demos
link pre-lecture stuff for order stats
order stats videos
update slides for quicksort
add some demos
add links to tutorial notes
clean crap off links
maybe less problems with autoplay this way?
add links to sharepoint
add materials for monday's lecture
ship L06
working on scheduling
compress discussion in beginning
tweak inline
start to revive L06
the calculus stuff is dropped from L05, so just provide the solution.
add anchor
fix typo
simplify question
Initial assignment 3 for cs3383
update quiz hints
fix time