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Recent changes to this wiki:

drop .html
add index page
nodejs docs 10.15.2
second empty file as placeholder
drop last year's samples
drop link to sample code
add link
link to solutions
solutions from L12 for people to use in L13
add links to second edition
sigh, I thought we were done with those
pretty up code
one more JS question
add another JS question
add another tail recursion problem
add another racket question
tweak list structure
sample questions on racket and js from last year
bump times, enable test
drop empty overview section
add a new lab 13
fix wording
use a more precise link
clarify sorting issue
fix wording
fix formatting
fix date
add the second half of the lab.
update village state test section
creating tag page tags/immutability
creating tag page tags/const
creating tag page tags/ObjectContaining
start new lab 12
drop reference to A2
use arrow functions in demo
bump date
add arrow function example
replace var with let
add arrow function example
fix date / time
fix date
update assignment 3
data for L11
drafts of lab 10 and 11
convert example code to cond
fix typo
drop statement from alleged questions
creating tag page tags/commonjs_modules
add tag
Lab 9 for CS2613
fix typo
update assignment description
initial draft of lab 8
fix typo
tweak indentation
tweak wording
fix wording
fix wording
fix typo
fix typo
finalize lab
put back background on combinators
update syntax-case discussion
update eval discussion
reworking macro section
add discussion of eval
add some context
intial draft of lab 7
add link to assignment 1
fix indentation
recover lab 6
extend call for full hour
add math seminar to visible schedule
link to rubrics
try to space out table
fix times
initial versions of rubrics
fix typo
mark CS6999 blocks as occupied
question 6
q4 and q5
add the rubric-name function to the given code.
Let's try to keep this assignment to at most six parts
commit XML example file
question 3
questions 1 and 2
mention explorer, simplify marking scheme
creating tag page tags/xml
creating tag page tags/tail-recursion
start the new A2
fix typo
re-use map tric
drop multiple values
tweak timing demo
don't require individual work
fix typos
post lab 5
fix typo in lab 4
more CASA seminar