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Recent changes to this wiki:

update snippets
update slides
publish lecture 5
fix typo
add office hours instructions
mention lack of backup, and mirrors
lecture 4
post tutorial 2
add some more hints
move grad committee
start documenting simplex setup
fix date
landing page for lecture3
update lecture2
cover page for lecture2
publish lecture 2
post tutorial 1
publish lecture 1
git-annex adjusted branch
fix index, replace PDF
publish snippets for lecture 0
spell check
update schedule
fix date
remove left over office hours
drop obsolete requirement
tweak rubric comment to match new totals
drop obsolete requirements
mention rough number of assignments
update evaluation for grad students.
Give up on having a project. There are 10 assignments, that's enough
drop attendance requirement
update tests
drop bad tags
unnoticed for years.
bump date on plagiarism regs.
It turns out the text is identical
fix typo
update computing policy for pandemic rules
tweak evaluation
start updating schedule
note wacky phone setup
drop some rules and regs.
Shift to 4th year / grad course, assume adults.
update times for CS4613
creating tag page tags/cs4613/lecture
materials for lecture 0
remove some ephemeral material
fix random variable subscript
fix typos
cancel office hours
fix typo
add base case
fix typo
fix exam date for cs2613
add two hints about ignoring the first column
fix markup
add link to TYR
add link to lecture 1
post lecture 5.2 materials
tweak presentation
drop topic list
add numbering
probably needs to enabled in config
add more questions, from 2018 final
add topics and questions for review
post slides for monday's lecture
fix typo in A6
tweak question title
tweak lab 23
add questions from 2019 midterm review, reformat
initial draft of review lab
initial version of lab 23
link to lecture video
initial version of assignment 12
fix markup
add before the lab link
initial version of lab 22
post lecture slides
pre lecture materials
link to lecture 3
typo fix
revive list format
fix lab numbering
publish n-queens demo
publish slides for fourth lecture
note lack of pre-lecture video for lecture 3
initial version of L21
mention crowdmark
add anchors
fix typo
rephrase questions
initial assignment 11
all new material on race conditions
add links two lectures
de-indent code examples
add due date to assignment body
push date to limit
fix typo, add data and example code
add skeleton of function
initial version of A6