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Recent changes to this wiki:

creating tag page tags/hash_tables
creating tag page tags/date_parsing
fix tags
add mail summarization part
add meeting for rasoul
add section on parsing/sorting dates
fill in background for lab 6
add some boilerplate for A2
add note about hasheq
flesh out JSON parsing part
move combinators to L07
add timeline to lab, reorganize
update hash table example
move assignment related stuff first.
finish json
roughly finish explorer section, start JSON
maybe json is a subsection of explorer
move macros to L07
out of space
finish hash table section
start sections on hash tables and data explorer
macro introduction
add a bonus section on currying functions
rename page
reorganize plotting example
add plotting part for lab 6
start lab 6
add in a save file for section 4
Merge branch 'master' of gitolite-host:db/wiki
add hint about saving files from part 1 and 2
draft of numerical integration section
drop unimplimented parts
add part numbers
fiddle with for loop part
add section on for, and timeing
rewrite tail recursion intro
start lab 5 writeup
reorganize lab
add last part of lab, on scribble
finalize module exercises
start to flesh out module section
add links
start second part of lab 4
drop skipped part from lab 2
reorganize first part of lab 4
fix typo
fix time zone
add some discussion based on part 6
add link to lab 2
make links clickable
move uncovered material from lab 3 to lab 4
Move seminar
Start accumulating background material for next lecture
add run though of HoF part of Quick tutorial.
add another link for background reading
refine description
fix typo
rewrite recursion part
add discussion part
replace download with copy
drop nonworking inline
simplify(?) recursive solution
back to individual work.
bah, missed the fact that they should push the results.
note cs4999 in schedule
convert part 1 to pairs
creating tag page tags/bisect
draft of complete part 3
remind people to push part 1
start Part 3
fix title
move aside to fix indentation
update title
add another 'read ahead' link
add discussion section before break
add link to assignment
fix typo
add better reference for test suite
fix cover page to mention individual work
unicode math
fight with markdown
add last question
make tests consistent
add q4
restrict functions
add second question
add first question
creating tag page tags/higher-order-functions
start to fill in the assignment
fine tuning unit-testing part
add warning about test coverage
rewrite unit test section
creating tag page tags/unit-test
creating tag page tags/rackunit
creating tag page tags/submodule
fix part numbering
use beautiful racket in lab 2
add beautiful racket