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Recent changes to this wiki:

fix date
typo fixes for lecture 8
fix date
add a second evaluator question
add second HOF question , from 2017 MT
add in another recursion question, from 2017
update coverage for midterm
add questions on lecture 9
publish lecture 10
creating tag page tags/anonymous_functions
publish lecture 9
publish lecture 8
add some "macros in plait" material
drop path
reference homework 4
start a tutorial 4 cover page
add second test
add match exercise
add some questions on evaluators
tweak tracing examples
tidy headings
add one more question
add two more sections of test review
add a couple more sample questions
These ones don't use plai, so should be still good
start sample questions for midterm
fix snippet index
creating tag page tags/fun
fix date and keywords
publish lecture 7;
fix link
update flang example
update lecture 5 snippets
fix date
publish lecture 6
add an optional part exploring the differences with plait
start tutorial 3
clarify combined penalty
update lecture4 after class
publish lecture 4 and 5
finalize exam time
drop reference to git
drop empty slot
add two meetings with grad students
bump date
update wae evaluator, again
stole wrong snippet from slides in previous commit
drop snippet
update wae example
use plait version
update old lectures
publish lecture 4;
update old lectures
updated older lectures
publish lecture3
add tutorial 2, update background links
add a note about enabling coverage highlighting
add "living document" comment
link to assigment rubric
initial marking rubric for cs3613 assignments
tentatively mark Grad Ctte
creating tag page tags/parsing
creating tag page tags/ebnf
publish lecture 2
update one example
add info about handin server
fix dates and tags
creating tag page tags/plait
post slides for second set of lectures
drop GAU committee for now
add row for 13:00
fix error in factorial example
update cs3613 lecture 1
add tutorial 1
fix list
update schedule for winter
rename software to computing_facilities
publish lecture 1
set title and date of zeroth tutorial
minor updates to first part of lecture 0
update lecture 0
publish lecture 0
drop old lectures
drop obsolete lab guide
it didn't seem required for cs2613
transitioning to plait, updating docs
rename racket setup page
convert to plait
drop page on Barzilay pl
drop old plt file
fix URL
drop obsolete hidden page
put plt file where the client can find it
fix markup
simplify late/missed test/assignment policy
match current practice
fix a couple of dates
Add attendance policy for cs3613
creating tag page tags/slideshow
creating tag page tags/pictures
clean up tags
creating tag page tags/match
creating tag page tags/tail_recursion