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update slides
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creating tag page tags/mark_and_sweep
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add note about CR/NCR
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add note about graded homework
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add reflection question.
update tutorial
start tutorial 9
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drop forwarded examples
update shortended lecture 19
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update final exam
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creating tag page tags/mutator
creating tag page tags/collector
creating tag page tags/plai-gc2
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mention solutions to tutorial 7
start news for next week
first pass at completed tutorial 8
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fix title
creating tag page tags/syntax_rule
creating tag page tags/heap_marking
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start converting tutorial 8 from scribble
optional tutorial on developing set data structures
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fix byte code tests
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lecture 17
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drop local, no sense pretending to be plait
add start date for video lectures
announce the plan for remote teaching
update grading scheme
mention Option
complete checkpoint and generator part.
WIP on tutorial 7
creating tag page tags/generators
start tutorial 7
update lecture16
publish lecture 16
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publish lecture 15
indentation fix
update tifae
update for version with parser
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add tutorial 7
fixes for type inference lecture
update type inference example
update interpreters for lecture13
add new snippet
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add lecture 14
updated environment type
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remove obsolete snippets
add link to interpreters. Fix link to slides
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