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fix type rule
clean up
snippet index
creating tag page tags/incremental
creating tag page tags/cheney-mta
lecture 23 materieals, plus updates to related lectures
link to text version
git-annex adjusted branch
fix title
creating tag page tags/generational
landing page for lecture 22
fix link
publish lecture 22 materials
fix link
publish tutorial 10
publish updated questions
hold empty dir
drop byte code question
incorporated into sample final
drop fibonacci questions, covered
add note about solutions
update slides
update slides
fix bugs from lecture
creating tag page tags/free-list
lecture materials 19,20,21
fix link
add definition of join primitive
fix link
drop one duplicated question
fix date
first cut at recovering final exam practice questions.
update slides
update byte code interepreters
update lecture17
add stub page for tutorial 9
materials for lectures 17 and 18
fix tag
revive tutorial 8, add demo
add link to plain text version
material for lectures 15 and 16
fix link
add missing paren
update tutorial
link to source
fix iniline error
drop old snippets
re-export snippets
link to unhighlighted version
add source page manually
update slides with fixes from lecture
published updated material for lecture 14
add minimal instructions for cplex
update information for midterm
update slurm instructions
update lecture13, lecture 14
initial versions of tutorial 5 and 6
add landing page for lecture13
document alias
tweaks for lecture 13
update lecture 13
update lecture 13 examples
publish lecture 13
landing page for lecture 12
more exported snippets
regenerate lecture 12 pdf
commit missed snippets
update pdfs
update snippets from lectures
fix message
pdf for lecture 12
fix date
initial version of tutorial 5 for 2021
update snippets
publish sample midterm questions
publish lectures 10 and 11
publish lectures 8 and 9
fix titles
fix homework reference
revive tutorial 4
whitespace fix
update slurm hints
update schedule
update exports
update pdfs
fix date
publish lectures 6 and 7
update from class
cs4613 tutorial 3
update from lectures
updated slides for lecture5
update snippets
update slides
publish lecture 5
fix typo
add office hours instructions