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Recent changes to this wiki:

add remaining tests
add numbering
updates from run-through
code-oss / jasmine restyling
reduce number of labs covered by midterm
update topic list for 2018
new api docs
update API docs to 8.11.1
solutions to L12
fix date
add JS rubric
add disclaimer to unfinalized lab
add note about coverage
update `this` discussion
elaborate first part of L12
update test case to support random test execution order
fix path
var -> let
lab 12 and 13 from last year
fix spec requires for new location
tidy wording
write up new part 3 for assignment 3
fix typo
update lab 11 for simpler memoization code
add styling
initial cleanup for lab 11
fix date
last year's lab 11
fix overenthusiastic search and replace
block second hour for cs6999 meeting
tweak lab times and numbering
Last year's lab 10
fix typo
fix typo
reorganizing L09
more individual work
fix date
fix test paths
specify location
use more standard jasmine config, introduce nyc
fill in missing discusssion of NaN
last year's lab 9
fix 3 EJS links
last year's lab 8
finalize lab
add list of python acceleration projects
add citation to HOPE
mark office hours as finalized
block meeting for Naghmeh
put back fear of macros link
add comment about name
rename macro
indent racket code
replace macro with transformer based example
split macros part
fix activity type
reduce time for macro demo
split match intro
replace nascent define-syntax section with section on `match`
working on revised lab 07
convert first macro exercise to demo, and move before the break.
split out currying discussion
add auto-numbering
shorten title
update copyright year
last year's lab 7
finalize A2
number questions
fix typos and explain `sort-mail` better.
add explanation of car
update remainder of lab 6
expand immutable data structure discussion
simplify read-json-file
additional files for lab 6
note time to spend on assignment
shorten title
cs2613 A2: explain "human readable tests"
recover A2
recover lab 6
drop one of two call alternatives
course was approved
tweak wording
tweak times
last year's lab5, with update date and title
add link from linux labs
add vpn hint
one more meeting
add detailed marking scheme
shorten title and finalize
add missing narrative
add probable location of GAU committee
block out IBM Calls
These slots are both tentative at the moment, and will be bi-weekly
add one office hour
Add list of jitbuilder using projects.
drop braces
This is somehow wrong, but can't be bothered to fix the bug right now
start jibuilder section
update python articles, restructure
split into subsections, start adding python references
update bibtex for smith & nair