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Recent changes to this wiki:

replace ' with transpose()
shorten second demo
flesh out rowknn part
be specific about how to do the timing
start to schedule
creating tag page tags/knn
creating tag page tags/find
creating tag page tags/cell_array
creating tag page tags/varargin
add some tags
add blurb for `nearest`
write findclass discussion
add driver for vectorized version
start to fill in initial knn discussion
rename to match links
sketch voctorization experiments
more tests for varargs
fill in cell array, varargs discussion
whitespace cleanup
cell array discussion
varargs exercise
some background info
add some section titles
start sketching some topics
fix typo
fix typo
fix typo
creating tag page tags/statistics
creating tag page tags/testing
creating tag page tags/classification
add some tags
initial complete assignment
start to write up assignment 6
add data file for A6
add background section
add barry's seminar to schedule
schedule lab
creating tag page tags/cartesian
creating tag page tags/range
creating tag page tags/product
add plotting / grid demo
fix bounding box
use img tag
rewrite first part
clean up L22
creating tag page tags/anonymous_function
start to fill in lab22
fix exponent
creating tag page tags/tests
creating tag page tags/numeric_error
start lab 22
fix typo
finalize schedule
most content for L21, start to schedule
simplify first 3 parts, add references
typo fixes
creating tag page tags/vectorization
update fibonacci examples
creating tag page tags/matrix
creating tag page tags/vector
start some fibonacci discussion
schedule last part
schedule equality exercise
whitespace fix
flesh out expr example
link to special methods
creating tag page tags/object_equality
creating tag page tags/deepcopy
start discussion of object copying and equality testing
move example to seperate file
update demo section
link to generator based version
complete fibonacci writeup
start counter, fib examples
creating tag page tags/iterator
add tags and background for L20
fill some details of using timeit
add non-explanation for list comprehension
drop duplicate of make_counter
rewrite / split sieve part
switch module names
add timing
rewrite first part as a demo
fix test
fix typo
fix indent
reword experiments to reduce thrashing likelyhood
add more performance related discussion.
add sieve section
start generator lab writeup
add linke for negated character classes
add a hint for strip_quotes
add schedule
fix import
test for multiple columns
add split_row_3 question