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Recent changes to this wiki:

eliminate use of examples in L02
remove warning
fix message from git
update link anchor
update software discussion
add update vm discussion
drop git config --global
code-oss -> vscodium
fix date for L02
reset lab descriptions
tweak contact info
fix dates
remove old assignments
clear test material from last year
fix indentation
yay markdown
update plagiarism regs to current scrape
update hours for fall 2019
fix typo, reword
fix typo
creating tag page tags/sql
creating tag page tags/PostgreSQL
blog post about buildinfo database
fix typo
move some css to local.css
initial post of banner comments
Merge branch 'master' of gitolite-host:db/wiki
update tracing example
fix parens
update typechecker trace question to use trcfae syntax
add more lines
move line
Merge branch 'master' of gitolite-host:db/wiki
add test case
add link to example language for final
add test coverage
versions with parsers
fix two typos discovered by Brandon
add simple tail multiplication question
add question about switch
add a question on substitution
add a question about dynamic scope
add another question about passing functions
add another question
add some hrules
typo fixes
add question on substitution
add another typechecking question
add some more questions
make question slight less confusing
test is defined as something else, and used a lot
add a question about scope
add another union type question
add a question about tracing typecheck
add question about tracing eval
add two questions about tail recursion
tweak presentation
add second example about passing functions to themselves
add question about lookup using lambda
add example about union types
add another question
second CPS question
add CPS question
cosmetic updates to lecture 19
drop unused definition
add some gc related questions
add another typechecking question
add a question about fake classes
add a question on syntax rules
fix typo
add a typechecking question about join
add question about evaluating join
add a question on cyclic environments
second y-combinator question
add Y combinator question
start sample questions
fix part4
add pairs and list examples
update soundness discussion
publish lecture 19
add test related to tutorial
creating tag page tags/algebraic_data_types
creating tag page tags/user_defined_types
add some discussion, ideas for extra project
add minimal background section
complete step 3
restart step 3
fix confusing name
start step 3
tweak wording
fix link
creating tag page tags/type
start tutorial 9
tweak lecture 18
creating tag page tags/type_inference
creating tag page tags/type_soundness
add some tags
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fix links and dates
creating tag page tags/continuations
publish lecture17