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I have (at least) three different hosts, laptop, gitserver, and webserver.

  1. I started by following the wiki to create a bare repo on gitserver, and clone that to a workingdir on gitserver.

On the laptop clone gitserver:repo /working/dir

Next create a setup file for the laptop with

    gitorigin_branch=> "",
    wrapper => "/working/dir/.git/hooks/post-commit",

At this point, assuming you followed page above, and not my hasty summary,

    git commit -a 

should rebuild the output of your wiki.

  1. Now create a setup file for the server (I call it server.setup).

     gitorigin_branch=> "origin",
     wrapper => "/repo/wiki.git/hooks/post-update.ikiwiki"

Note the non-standard and bizzare name of the hook.

edit /repo/wiki.git/hooks/post-update so that it looks something like

    rsync -cavz /home/me/public_html/* webserver:/destdir


    ikiwiki --setup server.setup

Now in principle when you run git push on the laptop, the git server will first do its "regular" thing and update ~/public_html (in my case) and then rsync it onto the webserver. For this to work, you need passwordless ssh or something like it.