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From: "BinkyTheClown" <address deleted>
Date: Wed, 6 May 2009 04:29:13 -0500
Subject: source-highlight and oz
Hello. I find your post very useful, but I had to change the keyword
field; otherwise, the program never ended. I am using source-highlight
2.11.1. So, you have:

keyword = "andthen|at|attr|case|catch|choice|class|cond",

and my changes are:

keyword = "andthen|at|attr|case|catch|choice|class|cond|declare|define|dis|div|do|else|else|case|elseif|elseof|end|fail|false|feat|finally|for|from|fun|functor|if|import|in|local|lock|meth|mod|not|of|or|orelse|prepare|proc|prop|raise|require|self|skip|then|thread|true|try|unit"

Have you think about sending some patch upstream to have Oz support in


Date: Mon, 18 May 2009 10:53:25 -0300
From: "David Bremner" <address deleted>
Subject: Re: source-highlight and oz
Thanks very much for your comment. I am mostly using "highlight"
instead of source-highlight these days (highlight has a feature to
support passing through markup directives that I need).  Since Debian
only has version 2.9 of source-highlight, I can't easily test a
correct patch.  Feel free to use (your corrected version of) the
material in my blog post to send a patch upstream.