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The UNB Virtual Optimization Seminar

Here's the idea. People interested in optimization are spread out across departments at UNB. Rather that trying to run a seperate seminar series, I am just going to collect announcements of departmental seminars of interested to optimization people. Please send me your announcements. Those of you who are into that sort of thing can subscribe to the RSS feed on this page.

  • David Bremner
  • October 8, 2008, 3:30 PM
  • ITC-317

The Hirsch conjecture is a 50 year old conjecture related to the worst case performance of the simplex method of Linear Programming. In this talk I will discuss recent work with Lars Schewe, and not so recent work with Fred Holt and Victor Klee, on a computational attack on this conjecture. The main tools are a (partial) classification of the simplicial complexes whose dual graph is a path, oriented matroids, and fast boolean satifiability solvers.

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