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Miscellaneous Hacks

David Bremner

January 9, 2018

Here you will find quick fixes for something that bugged me once.

I wanted to have an export of my calendar from korganizer that was html for the free/busy file. This is a python script to convert an iCalendar free/busy file into an (ugly) html view. Here is an example config file. Release 0.3 fixes a bug with appointments that start not on a grid time (i.e. not at 15min interval)
karm is a time tracker for kde. I wrote a quick and dirty perl script to merge the data on my various laptops and desktops with a remote server.
A quick hack to invoke Wanderlust mailer with my inbox open (using gnudoit).
A python script to split an input to lrs into subtrees for (potential) parallel execution.