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Getting started.

copy the files from /fcs/courses/cs2023/tutorial4 to some directory underneath your home directory.

Valgrind and dynamic array overflow

  • compile heapover.c with

    gcc -o heapover -g heapover.c

  • run it.

  • now run it with

    valgrind ./heapover

  • finally run it with

    valgrind --db-attach=yes ./heapover

  • repeat these steps with shadow.c. What do you observe about the ability of valgrind to localize uninitialized variable use, compared to illegal writes?

GCC stack protector

  • compile stackover.c with

    gcc -o stackover -g stackover.c

  • run it.

  • now compile with

    gcc -o stackover -g -fstack-protector-all stackover.c

  • run it again

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