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Another sad software story, with a happy ending.

  • pushmi provides a read/write mirror of an svn repository.

  • My repository is svn+ssh://, which normally works fine with ssh-agent.

  • Unfortunately pushmi relies on svn hooks to update the master repository, and svn in its wisdom does not preserve any environment variables, thus making ssh-agent not work very well.

  • A solution is to install the package keychain, which writes the ssh-agent environment variables out to disk (this sounds trivial, but it also finds the running ssh-agent without any configuration).
  • to both $REPOSITORY/hooks/pre-commit and $REPOSITORY/hooks/post-commit, add the following snippet to the beginning of the script

      if [ -f $KEYCHAINFILE ]; then
  • You might need to adjust the path if you are not me.

  • UPDATED You need the option --inherit local or --inherit all to keychain to get it to overwrite the previous version of its files.

Posted Mon 10 Sep 2007 06:39:00 PM Tags: /tags/pushmi