UNB/ CS/ David Bremner/ teaching/ CS2999 Problem Solving for programmers -- Fall 2013
Professor David Bremner
Office GWC115
Phone 447-3300
Instructor Email bremner ATSIGN unb.ca
Tutorial 14:00, Thursdays, GC112

Course Work

This course consists of individual work solving programming problems (mainly from the uva collection.

Problems will be assigned by the instructor and posted on this web page

Problem correctness will be as judged by the online judging system, or in cases where that is not possible, and/or the instructor.

In case of dispute, the instructor will decide whether a given solution is correct.


This course is Credit/No-Credit.

To receive credit, you must have completed, and have the instructor sign off on

The final three (four) problems will count as a "Take home final", and are hence due at the end of exam period.

Participation in the Fall Programming contest on Saturday September 28 is mandatory. You can count up to 2 contest problems towards your totals only if you solve them during the contest.

Problems assigned

Note that you don't have to do every problem, only the required number (see above). Roughly in order of difficulty.

Extra Problems

You can also do these problems, although they may be harder, or just require more background.

Extra test data can be found at uva (csmall.in for Cutting Cake, lsmall.in for Wario Land)