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I have been thinking about ways to speed multiple remote git on the same hosts. My starting point is mr, which does the job, but is a bit slow. I am thinking about giving up some generality for some speed. In particular it seems like it ought to be possible to optimize for the two following use cases:

For my needs, mr is almost fast enough, but I can see it getting annoying as I add repos (I currently have 11, and mr update takes about 5 seconds; I am already running ssh multiplexing). I am also thinking about the needs of the Debian Perl Modules Team, which would have over 900 git repos if the current setup was converted to one git repo per module.

My first attempt, using perl module Net::SSH::Expect to keep an ssh channel open can be scientifically classified as "utter fail", since Net::SSH::Expect takes about 1 second to round trip "/bin/true".

Initial experiments using IPC::PerlSSH are more promising. The following script grabs the head commit in 11 repos in about 0.5 seconds. Of course, it still doesn't do anything useful, but I thought I would toss this out there in case there already exists a solution to this problem I don't know about.


use IPC::PerlSSH;
use Getopt::Std;
use File::Slurp;

my %config; 

eval( "\%config=(".read_file(shift(@ARGV)).")");
die "reading configuration failed: $@" if $@;

my $ips= IPC::PerlSSH->new(Host=>$config{host});

$ips->eval("use Git");

$ips->store( "ls_remote", q{my $repo=shift;
                       return Git::command_oneline('ls-remote',$repo,'HEAD');
                          } );

foreach $repo (@{$config{repos}}){
    print $ips->call("ls_remote",$repo);

P.S. If you google for "mr joey hess", you will find a Kiss tribute band called Mr. Speed, started by Joe Hess"

P.P.S. Hello planet debian!