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Third in a series (git-sync-experiments, git-sync-experiments2) of completely unscientific experiments to try and figure out the best way to sync many git repos.

If you want to make many ssh connections to a given host, then the first thing you need to do is turn on multiplexing. See the ControlPath and ControlMaster options in ssh config

Presuming that is not fast enough, then one option is to make many parallel connections (see e.g. git-sync-experiments2). But this won't scale very far.

In this week I consider the possibilities of running a tunneled socket to a remote git-daemon

ssh  -L 9418:localhost:9418 git-host.domain.tld git-daemon --export-all  

Of course from a security point of view this is awful, but I did it anyway, at least temporarily.

Running my "usual" test of git pull in 15 up-to-date repos, I get 3.7s versus about 5s with the multiplexing. So, 20% improvement, probably not worth the trouble. In both cases I just run a shell script like

  cd repo1 && git pull && cd ..
  cd repo2 && git pull && cd ..
  cd repo3 && git pull && cd ..
  cd repo4 && git pull && cd ..
  cd repo5 && git pull && cd ..