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Courses at the Information Technology Centre

Courses have been offered with both open enrollment for individual students through the ITC, or as contract courses given to a group within an enterprise. Inquire for availability and price.

Contact the ITC if you have a need for a course in a new or developing area of ICT and explore with us the possibility that we could offer an appropriate course.

Sample Past Courses and Workshops:


Course Title Notes

IPhone Development Course

iPhone Development
for Experienced Programmers
For IT professionals who want to learn advanced program techniques for development on Iphones.   


Conceptual Data Modeling For IT professionals who want to learn important concepts of data modeling for designing relational databases.
ITC18   Software Quality Assurance & Testing

Six months' experience in a software development environment. 


ITC19 Linux: Hands-on Introduction, Installation
& Configuration
No prior knowledge of Linux is expected. At least one year of computer programming experience is necessary. 
ITC22 Java for Experienced Programmers For programmers with at least two years programming experience.


XML Extensible Markup Language

Basic understanding of html is expected. Six months of html programming experience would be an asset.

ITC25 Effective Requirements Acquisition and
For developers, managers and customers needing software requirements.

ITC32 Java for Wireless Devices One year Java programming experience.
ITC35 Object-oriented Software Development
with UML and Rational Rose
Prerequisite: one year programming experience with a modern software development environment.

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