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It seems kind of unfair, given the name, but duplicity really doesn't like to be run in parallel. This means that some naive admin (not me of course, but uh, this guy I know ;) ) who writes a crontab

 @daily  duplicity incr $ARGS $SRC $DEST
 @weekly duplicity full $ARGS $SRC $DEST 

is in for a nasty surprise when both fire at the same time. In particular one of them will terminate with the not very helpful.

 AttributeError: BackupChain instance has no attribute 'archive_dir'

After some preliminary reading of mailing list archives, I decided to delete ~/.cache/duplicity on the client and try again. This was not a good move.

  1. It didn't fix the problem
  2. Resyncing from the server required decrypting some information, which required access to the gpg private key.

Now for me, one of the main motivations for using duplicity was that I could encrypt to a key without having the private key accessible. Luckily the following crazy hack works.

  1. A host where the gpg private key is accessible, delete the ~/.cache/duplicity, and perform some arbitrary duplicity operation. I did

    duplicity clean $DEST

UPDATE: for this hack to work, at least with s3 backend, you need to specifify the same arguments. In particular omitting --s3-use-new-style will cause mysterious failures. Also, --use-agent may help.

  1. Now rsync the ./duplicity/cache directory to the backup client.

Now at first you will be depressed, because the problem isn't fixed yet. What you need to do is go onto the backup server (in my case Amazon s3) and delete one of the backups (in my case, the incremental one). Of course, if you are the kind of reader who skips to the end, probably just doing this will fix the problem and you can avoid the hijinks.

And, uh, some kind of locking would probably be a good plan... For now I just stagger the cron jobs.