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A portable library of parallel search algorithms and data structures

A note from the maintainer

ZRAM was written by Ambros Marzetta as part of his Ph.D. at ETH Zuerich.

Since then I have done some maintenence in order to use it in my own projects. Most of the code remains Ambros's

ZRAM is a library of parallel search algorithms and the corresponding data structures. The implementation is application-independent and machine-independent. The interface is user-friendly and lets non-specialists use the power of parallel computers. ZRAM has led to the solution of previously unsolved QAP and vertex enumeration instances.

The library can be used in combinatorial optimization, enumeration, heuristic search and other areas. It is written in ANSI C, and its source code is available here.


Implemented parallel search algorithms and some applications using them:

Parallel computers used:

(Only MPI is currently tested).