UNB/ CS/ David Bremner/ teaching/ cs2613/ evaluation


Component Number Subtotal
Journals 12 12%
Assignments 6 24%
Quizzes 3 30%
Final Exam 1 30%
Git Repo 1 4%


12% of the course mark will be based on journal kept about the scheduled labs. These journal entries will be marked partly on quality of technical writing. Students will be expected to read the lab description and carry out any prerequisite activities before the lab in question.


24% of the course mark will be based on assignments completed independantly.


Three programming quizzes will be held during scheduled lab times.

Final Exam

There will be a registrar scheduled final exam in this course. Like the quizzes, this will be held in the lab and involve programming. You are responsible for making sure your travel plans are compatible with the scheduling of the final exam.

Git Repository

The final state of your git repository will be worth 4% of your final mark.


Rubrics are available for