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We will be using VirtualBox to run a Virtual Machine with all the software we need for CS2613.

You can either use the VM in the FCS teaching labs, remotely via the UNB VPN, or on your own computer. Remote usage is optional, but may be helpful if you cannot (or prefer not) to come to campus.

If you have problems with any of this, I suggest checking the frequently asked questions for hints.

Running the VM in the FCS teaching labs.

Running the VM remotely on FCS Linux Computers



One time setup

Starting the VM

  1. Connect to the UNB VPN.
  2. Connect your browser to FCS Remote Lab
  3. Log in with your FCS credentials.
  4. Start a VNC session
  5. Connect via Browser (this will require entering the same credentials again).
  6. Follow the steps above to start the VM.

Storage in the VM

This section applies to running the on FCS computers (locally or remotely).

Installing the VM on your own computer



Initial Setup

  1. Read the general FCS instructions for installing a VM.

  2. Install VirtualBox. This may be available from your linux distribution, or you may have to download it directly.

  3. Download the [VirtualBoxAppliance]

  4. Import the appliance from the VirtualBox GUI.

Starting the VM

  1. Connect to the UNB VPN. This is needed to push your work to coursegit, which is mandatory to hand in work, and strongly at the end of each session.

  2. Start VirtualBox on your computer.

  3. Select fcs-vm-cs2613-dev from the list of available VMs, and click "Start".

Storage in the VM

This section applies only to running the VM on your own computer.


The VM relies on the host (i.e. your PC) for the UNB VPN connection. It has been tested (so far) on Windows and Linux, and access to coursegit should work exactly the same as from the VM running in FCS as long as the UNB VPN is connected.

There may some complications for openfortivpn users on Linux; I can give you some hints for proper (non default) configuration.

General Hints

The remainder of the page applies to both methods of running the VM.

Shutting Down the VM

You should shut down the VM cleanly either with the host+h hotkey or by selecting

    Machine -> ACPI Shutdown

from the VirtualBox menubar.

This is particularly important for users running the VM at home.

Using Gnome

Activities Overview