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1 Selected Publications (plus my Ph.D. thesis)

   [1] D. Avis, D. Bremner, H. R. Tiwary, and O. Watanabe. Polynomial size linear programs for problems in P. Discrete Applied Mathematics, March 2018. Accepted, with minor revisions. https://arxiv.org/abs/1408.0807.

   [2] _________, O. Devillers, M. Glisse, S. Lazard, G. Liotta, T. Mchedlidze, G. Moroz, S. Whitesides, and S. K. Wismath. Monotone simultaneous paths embeddings in Rd. Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, 20(1), January 2018. https://dmtcs.episciences.org/4177.

   [3] R. Shahsavarifar and D. Bremner. Approximate data depth revisited. CoRR, abs/1805.07373, 2018. Submitted to conference. http://arxiv.org/abs/1805.07373.

   [4] R. Shahsavarifar and D. Bremner. Computing the planar β  -skeleton depth. CoRR, abs/1803.05970, 2018. Submitted to journal. http://arxiv.org/abs/1803.05970.

   [5] Shijie Xu, _________, and D. Heidinga. Fusing method handle graphs for efficient dynamic JVM language implementations. Proceedings of the 9th ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on Virtual Machines and Intermediate Languages, Vancouver, BC, Canada, October 23 - 27, 2017, pages 18–27, October 2017. http://doi.acm.org/10.1145/3141871.3141874.

   [6] _________ and Rasoul Shahsavarifar. On the planar spherical depth and lens depth. Proceedings of the 29th  Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry, pages 43–49, August 2017.

   [7] L. Zeng, Shijie Xu, Y. Wang, K. B. Kent, _________, and C. Xu. Toward cost-effective replica placements in cloud storage systems with QoS-awareness. Software: Practice and Experience, 47(6), 2017. http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/spe.2441.

   [8] Shijie Xu, _________, and D. Heidinga. MHDeS: Deduplicating method handle graphs for efficient dynamic JVM language implementations. Proceedings of the 11th Workshop on Implementation, Compilation, Optimization of Object-Oriented Languages, Programs and Systems, ICOOOLPS@ECOOP 2016, Rome, Italy, July 17-22, 2016, pages 4:1–4:10, July 2016. http://doi.acm.org/10.1145/3012408.3012412.

   [9] Shijie Xu, Q. Guo, G. Dueck, _________, and Yang Wang. Metis: A smart memory allocator using historical reclamation information. Proceedings of the 10th Workshop on Implementation, Compilation, Optimization of Object-Oriented Languages, Programs and Systems, ICOOOLPS@ECOOP 2015, Prague, Czech Republic, July 6, 2015, pages 6:1–6:9, 2015. http://doi.acm.org/10.1145/2843915.2843920.

   [10] Panagiotis Patros, E. Aubanel, D. Bremner, and M. Dawson. A java util concurrent park contention tool. Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Programming Models and Applications for Multicores and Manycores, PMAM@PPoPP 2015, San Francisco, CA, USA, February 7-8, 2015, pages 106–111, 2015. http://doi.acm.org/10.1145/2712386.2712389.

   [11] D. Bremner, T. M. Chan, E. D. Demaine, J. Erickson, F. Hurtado, J. Iacono, S. Langerman, M. Patrascu, and Perouz Taslakian. Necklaces, convolutions, and X + Y . Algorithmica, 69(2):294–314, December 2014. DOI:10.1007/s00453-012-9734-3. http://arxiv.org/abs/1212.4771.

   [12] D. Bremner, M. Dutour, D. V. Pasechnik, T. Rehn, and A. Schürmann. Computing symmetry groups of polyhedra. LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics, 17(1):565–581, 2014.

   [13] E. Aubanel, Sajjad Asghar, and D. Bremner. A dynamic moldable job scheduling based parallel sat solver. 42nd International Conference on Parallel Processing, pages 110–119, October 2013. Funding: NBIF, NSERC.

   [14] D. Bremner, A. Deza, William Hua, and L. Schewe. More bounds on the diameters of convex polytopes. Optimization Methods and Software, 28(3):442–450, March 2013. DOI:10.1080/10556788.2012.668906B.

   [15] Yoshitake Matsumoto, S. Moriyama, H. Imai, and D. Bremner. Matroid enumeration for incidence geometry. Discrete and Computational Geometry, 47(1):17-43, January 2012.

   [16] D. Bremner and L. Schewe. Edge-graph diameter bounds for convex polytopes with few facets. Experimental Mathematics, 20(3):229–237, October 2011. Funding: NSERC, (Hausdorff Institute), AvH. http://arxiv.org/abs/0809.0915.

   [17] D. Bremner, J. Bokowski, and G. Gevay. Symmetric matroid polytopes and their generation. European Journal of Combinatorics, 30:1758–1777, November 2009. Funding: NSERC. http://www.cs.unb.ca/~bremner/research/papers/bbg-_smptg-_06.pdf.

   [18] D. Bremner, M. D. Sikirić, and A. Schürmann. Polyhedral representation conversion up to symmetries. Polyhedral Computation, CRM Proceedings and Lecture Notes, 48:45–71, 2009. Funding: NSERC, (NB-Quebec). http://www.arxiv.org/abs/math.MG/0702239.

   [19] D. Bremner, Dan Chen, J. Iacono, S. Langerman, and P. Morin. Output-sensitive algorithms for Tukey depth and related problems. Statistics and Computing, 18(3), September 2008. Funding: NSERC. http://www.cs.unb.ca/~bremner/research/papers/bcilm-_osatd-_06.pdf.

   [20] O. Aichholzer, D. Bremner, E. D. Demaine, F. Hurtado, E. Kranakis, H. Krasser, S. Ramaswami, S. Sethia, and J. Urritia. Games on triangulations. Theoretical Computer Science, 343(1-2):42–71, June 2005. Funding: NSERC. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.tcs.2005.05.007.

   [21] D. Bremner, E. D. Demaine, J. Erickson, J. Iacono, S. Langerman, P. Morin, and G. T. Toussaint. Output sensitive algorithms for computing nearest-neighbour decision boundaries. Discrete and Computational Geometry, 33(4):593–604, 2005. Funding: NSERC. http://www.cs.unb.ca/~bremner/research/papers/bdeilmt-_osacn-_03b.ps.gz.

   [22] D. Bremner and David Gay. Experimental lower bounds for three simplex chirality measures in low dimensions. Proceedings of the 16th  Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry, August 2004. Funding: NSERC. http://www.cccg.ca/proceedings/2004/37.pdf.

   [23] D. Bremner, F. Hurtado, S. Ramaswami, and V. Sacristán. Small strictly convex quadrangulations of point sets. Algorithmica, 38(2):317–339, November 2003. Funding: NSERC. http://www.arxiv.org/abs/cs.CG/0202011.

   [24] D. Bremner and Alexander Golynski. Sufficiently fat convex polyhedra are not 2-castable. Proceedings of the 15th  Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry, August 2003. Funding: NSERC. http://www.arxiv.org/abs/cs.CG/0203025.

   [25] O. Aichholzer, D. Bremner, E. D. Demaine, H. Meijer, V. Sacristán, and Michael Soss. Long proteins with unique optimal foldings in the H-P model. Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications, 25(1–2):139–159, May 2003. Funding: NSERC. http://www.arXiv.org/abs/cs.CG/0201018.

   [26] D. Bremner and T. C. Shermer. Point visibility graphs and O-convex cover. International Journal of Computational Geometry and Applications, 10(1):55–71, February 2000. http://www.cs.unb.ca/~bremner/research/papers/bs-_pvgoc-_00.ps.gz.

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   [29] M. de Berg, P. K. Bose, D. Bremner, S. Ramaswami, and G. Wilfong. Computing constrained minimum-width annuli of point sets. Computer-Aided Design, 30(4):267–275, April 1998. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S0010-_4485(97)00073-_0.

   [30] P. K. Bose, D. Bremner, and M. van Kreveld. Determining the castability of simple polyhedra. Algorithmica, 19(1–2):84–113, September 1997. http://www.cs.unb.ca/~bremner/research/papers/bbk-_dcsp-_97.ps.gz.

   [31] D. Avis, D. Bremner, and R. Seidel. How good are convex hull algorithms? Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications, 7(5–6):265–301, April 1997. http://www.cs.unb.ca/~bremner/research/papers/abs-_hgach-_97.ps.gz.

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   [33] P. K. Bose, D. Bremner, and G. T. Toussaint. All convex polyhedra can be clamped with parallel jaw grippers. Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications, 6(5):291–302, September 1996. http://www.cs.unb.ca/~bremner/research/papers/bbt-_acpcb-_96.ps.gz.