UNB/ CS/ David Bremner/ teaching/ CS3383, Algorithm Design and Analysis, Fall 2022


Professor David Bremner
Office ITC321
Phone 506-447-3300
Instructor Email bremner AT unb.ca preferred

Lectures MWF 13:30-14:20 GWD124
Tutorial F 8:30-09:20 SL107

Office Hours

Office hours for Fall 2022 to be determined.

For times when I might be available, look for blank spots in my public schedule



The basics of asymptotic analysis will be reviewed. A variety of different algorithm design techniques, including divide and conquer, greedy, dynamic programming, and backtracking, will be introduced and compared. Randomized algorithms and multithreaded algorithms will be introduced.


CS 2333, ( CS2383 or CS3323 ), and ( STAT2593 or STAT3083 ).

Text and reference material.


number weight subtotal
Written Assignments 6 [*] 2.5% 15%
Online Quiz 4 [*] 1.25% 5%
Class tests 2 15% 30%
Final 1 50% 50%

*: the number of assignments and online quizzes is subject to adjustment, but the total contribution to the final will mark will remain 20%

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