UNB/ CS/ David Bremner/ teaching/ Policy for late and missed work

The following policy applies to all undergraduate and graduate courses taught by me in the current academic year. Nothing in this policy should be read as encouraging you come to class or use UNB labs when you are unwell. Remember that your first priority should be your health and that of your classmates. If you are going to miss a significant amount of lectures, an assignment or a test, contacting me by email beforehand will make things easier for both of us.

  1. Late assignments will neither be accepted nor replaced without a medical or compassionate reason. The first late assignment will be dealt with on the honour system; after that documentation from Student Services or a medical professional is required. Note that because UNB provides you lab facilities, that technical difficulties with your own computers are not grounds for an extension.

  2. Students will receive 0 for any missed in class tests unless they provide a medical or compassionate reason. All missed tests require documentation from Student Services or a medical professional.

  3. Extensions for assignments will not normally be given for more than the period of illness or other incapacitation, starting from the due date, not from when the student contacts the instructor. It is the student's responsibility to contact the instructor as soon as possible.

  4. In no case will extensions for assignments be given beyond the date and time when the marked assignments are handed back or a solution is posted, or presented in class or tutorial.

  5. In exceptional circumstances, the weight of a missed assignment may be transferred to the final exam, or in courses without a final exam, to another evaluation component. See point (7) below.

  6. The weight of missed class tests may be transferred to other test components (assuming satisfactory documentation). See point (7) below.

  7. No request to transfer weight will be approved until the student has demonstrated (in the judgement of the instructor) that they have learned the missed material to a "pass" level. It is the student's responsibility to arrange this demonstration with the instructor as soon as possible, but in all cases before the last day of classes.

  8. In the event of a public health crisis or similar events, this policy, particularly requirements for documentation, may be relaxed at the discretion of the instructor.