UNB/ CS/ David Bremner/ teaching/ Policy for late and missed work

The following policy applies to all undergraduate and graduate courses taught by me in the current academic term.

  1. Assignments will not be accepted after the posted date and time.

  2. Tests must be completed at the scheduled time.

  3. For the first test or assignment missed in the term for medical or compassionate reasons, a student declaration by email will suffice. Keep in mind that it is an academic offence to submit a false declaration.

  4. For repeated or ongoing issues, or where the student is not comfortable explaining their situation to me, documentation should be obtained from Student Services. Currently, documentation is not required for COVID19 related absences.

  5. In the case of appropriately documented medical or compassionate reasons, the weight of missed tests and assignments may, at my discretion, be redistibuted to other components of the course. In general assignment marks will be distributed to assignments, and test marks to tests.

If you are going to miss a significant amount of lectures, an assignment or a test, contacting me by email beforehand will make things easier for both of us.