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DUE: 2018-02-28, 09:15 in the assignment box.


1 Huffman coding

From an exercise in DPV.

Consider a discrete probability distribution on symbols 1 to n with probabilities p₁ … pₙ where each pᵢ is an integer power of 1/2. Suppose a long sequence S of samples is drawn from the distribution such that symbol i occurs pᵢ|S| times. Prove that if a Huffman code based on the probabilities pᵢ is used, the total number of bits to encode S is

|S|∑ { pᵢ log (1/pᵢ) | 1 ≤ i ≤ n }

Hint Show that the two smallest probabilities must be the same; or for part marks assume this holds.


Prove that Kruskals algorithm (below) is correct by using the Cut Property of minimum spanning trees.

∀u ∈ V makeset(u)
X ← {}
sort edges by weight
for (u, v) ∈ E do
    if find(u) ≠ find(v) then
        X ← X ∪ {(u, v)}
    end if
end for

3 Disjoint-Sets

(Ex 5.12 in DPV) Suppose you implement the disjoint-sets data structure using union-by-rank but not path compression. Give a sequence of m union and find operations on n elements that take Ω(m log n) time.