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CS3997 Professional Practice, Fall 2007

Professor David Bremner
Office Head Hall, E24
Office Hours

Office hourse for Winter 2009 to be decided soon

Phone 447-3300
Email bremner ATSIGN unb.ca



This course provides a survey of topics related to professional practice and information technology ethical issues, while developing written and oral communications skills for use in an technical environment.


Enrolment in the BCS or BISys program and 60 ch completed.

Textbooks (required):

Ethics for the Information Age (Second or Third Edition), by Michael J. Quinn.

Making Sense: A Student’s Guide to Research and Writing (Engineering and the Technical Sciences), by Margot Northey and Judi Jewinski.

Additional information will be distributed using the Course web site


Assignments 16%
Test I 15%
Test II 15%
report 40%
Debate 10%
participation 4%

Note that you must complete both the report and oral presentation in order to pass the course (grade of C or higher). The tests will be closed book, and no aids will be permitted. Some material presented in class will not be in the textbook. All presented or assigned material is testable.

To facilitate class discussions, relevant chapters in the Ethics book should be read before the class in which they will be discussed. Additional communication for this course will be done using the class mailing list; this will use your student email address, so please make sure that you check it regularly and ensure that it does not fill up.

All assignments must be done individually, and are to be your own work. Assignments will be posted on the course web site. Assignments must be word processed and presented neatly. Hand in all assignments in the CS3997 bin on E level of Gillin Hall, by 2pm on the due date. Except for the final report, late assignments will not be accepted. Extensions may be granted for acceptable extenuating circumstances, and these should be discussed with the instructor as soon as possible. The final report may be submitted late, directly to the instructor, at a penalty of 10% per working day.

All students are expected to hand in their own individual work, and are expected to be familiar with the regulations on plagiarism and other academic offences given in the UNB Calendar (Section B, part VII). Academic offences will be dealt with severely.