Past Bits & Bites - 2014

Fall 2014 Schedule

22 September

Introduction to Latex

Presented by: Hazel Webb (UNB)

29 September

Introduction to Android Programming

Presented by: Jesse English

29 September

Introduction to Latex

Presented by: Hazel Webb (UNB)

6 October

Introduction to TCP/IP

Presented by: John Peterson (UNB)

20 October

Creating Mobile Apps with Phonegap

Presented by: Randy Mills

27 October

Introduction to Python

Presented by: Hugo Gonzalez

3 November

Real-time access to tweets via the Twitter Streaming APIs in Python

Presented by: Paul Cook (UNB)

24 November

Automated Testing with Selenium

Presented by: Randi Watson

Winter 2015 Schedule

19 January

When One Language Fails: Examples with RSS

Presented by: Ryan Wark

26 January

History of Cryptography

Presented by: Xandria Richman

2 February

Why Python?

Presented by: Richard Killam

9 February

Introduction to Regular Expressions

Presented by: Sean Seeley

16 February

Using Data Mining to Create Actionable Intelligence Towards Solving Customer Churn

Presented by: James Stewart

23 February

Encrypting Your Communication

Presented by: Mohammed Mamun

16 March

Fundamentals of Computer Networking

Presented by: John Peterson

23 March

So you have your own idea/software... how do I protect it?

Presented by: Ken Kent