Past Bits & Bites - 2015

Fall 2015 Schedule

28 September

Getting the most out of git

Presented by: Aaron Tabor (FCS MS student)

5 October

Exploring data with EKL (Elasticsearch, kibana, logstach) stack: A quick tour from zero to analyze data in less than a hour

Presented by: Hugo Gonzalez (FCS PhD student)

19 October

Optimization - The Last Thing You Should Do

Presented by: Joey Bernard (Acenet)

2 November

Neat Photoshop tricks that you don't know

Presented by: Rob Blanchard (Production Asst/Photography, UNB)

9 November

Getting Started with Kaggle Data Mining Competitions

Presented by: James Stewart (Raytheon)

30 November

The Physical & Logical Make Up of the CS Network

Presented by: John Peterson (UNB)

Winter 2016 Schedule

25 January

Building Static Websites with Jekyll

Presented by: David Leger
An introduction to Jekyll, a powerful command-line tool for building and easily maintaining static websites.

8 February

Testing Tools in Ruby: RSpec and Cucumber

Presented by: Aaron Tabor (FCS)

15 February

Data Mining the Human Body

Presented by: Dawn MacIsaac (FCS)

22 February

Want the Best Job in Security? Here is What You Need to Know.

Presented by: Elaheh Biglar Beigi (Raytheon)

29 February

IT challenges in NB health industry

Presented by: Ashley Hyslop (Accreon)

21 March

VizWik: The Design of a Controlled Data Flow Programming Language

Presented by: Simon Gauvin (VizWik)

4 April

Oculus Prime: Transforming Into Virtual Reality!

Presented by: Chris Hazzard (FCS)