Past Bits & Bites - 2017

Fall 2017 Schedule

2 October

Current Cybersecurity Trends: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Presented by: Sandy Bird (IBM)

23 October

Energy Data Opportunities

Presented by: Sara Mudge (NB Power)

6 November

How to Achieve Efficient Range Query over Encrypted Data in Cloud

Presented by: Dr. Rongxing Lu (UNB)

13 November

Startup or Corporate? Choosing the Right Company to Work For

Presented by: Dr. Mostafa Karami

20 November

From agents to buses: building a research startup

Presented by: Dr. Luigi Benedicenti (UNB)

4 December

Secure Approximation of Edit Distance on Genomic Data

Presented by: Dr. Dima Alhadidi (UNB, CIC)

Winter 2018 Schedule

15 January

Protecting Your Digital Identity and Assets

Presented by: Trevor Flynn (Bulletproof)

5 February

Unhealthy Security State of e-Health Systems

Presented by: Dr. Ratinder Kaur (CIC Sponsored)

12 February

3D Printing - From Bits to Plastic

Presented by: John Peterson

26 February

Web Development with React.js

Presented by: David Leger

19 March

Cloud Language Runtimes and Satisfaction of Service Level Objectives

Presented by: Panagiotis Patros

26 March

Analyzing Road Accidents with Big Spatial Data

Presented by: René Richard

9 April

Agile Software Development with Scrum

Presented by: Vardan Matevosyan