UNB Faculty of Computer Science - Seminar Series

Computer Science Seminar Series

2021/2022 Academic Year
17-May-22 @ 3:30pm Lifelong Machine Learning and Reasoning
Daniel Silver
6-Apr-22 @ 4:00pm Quantum Computing 101
Gehard Dueck
2018/2019 Academic Year
29-Nov-18 @ 3:30pm High-Order Convergence of SDC Methods on General Quadrature Nodes
Xiaobo Yin
22-Nov-18 @ 3:00pm EC-Store: A Dynamic Distributed Storage System
Khuzaima Daudjee
19-Oct-18 @ 3:30pm Practical Backward-Secure Searchable Encryption from Symmetric Puncturable Encryption
Joseph Liu
27-Sep-18 @ 3:00pm Fast Stable Sorting, Adapting to Existing Runs
Ian Munro

2017/2018 Academic Year
29-Nov-17 @ 3:30pm Cognitive Agents in Virtual Reality and Gaming Environments
Rainer Herpers
30-Oct-17 @ 11:30am Augmenting Touch Expressivity to Improve the Touch Modality
Alix Goguey

2016/2017 Academic Year
30-Nov-16 @ 3:30pm Improving Cloud Scaling and Availability
Panos Patros
19-Oct-16 @ 2:30pm IT at UNB: A Success Story
Greg Sprague
David Macneil

2015/2016 Academic Year
17-Nov-15 @ 3:30pm Tap, Swipe, Move: Motion Gesture Interaction in a Mobile and Wearable World
Edward Lank
24-Sep-15 @ 3:30pm Verification Tasks at the Formal Specification Level of the Internet
Nils Przigoda

Past Presentations
07-Jan-15 @ 3:30pm History of the Internet
David Macneil
20-Nov-14 @ 3:30pm Dexter: A Browser-based Data Explorer for End Users
Abhijeet Mohapatra
Sudhir Agarwal
12-Nov-14 @ 3:30pm Mental Models and Student Success in 1st Year Computer Science
Eric Aubanel
30-Oct-14 @ 3:30pm Software Architectures - Perspectives on Research and Education
Sascha Alda
29-Oct-14 @ 3:30pm Formal Specification Level
Mathias Soeken
22-Oct-14 @ 3:30pm Can Consciousness Result from Computation? An update on the SOCIAL program.
Joe Horton
15-Oct-14 @ 4:30pm Clinical trials in Computer Security: A first proof-of-concept experiment
Jose Fernandez
22-Sep-14 @ 4:30pm Multitenant Java for High-Density Cloud Deployments
Michael Dawson
23-Apr-14 @ 2:30pm Dimensions on Texts
Hai Zhuge
14-Mar-14 @ 2:30pm Towards Effective Feature Selection in Machine Learning-Based Botnet Detection Approaches
Elaheh Biglar Beigi Samani
Hossein Hadian Jazi
26-Feb-14 @ 3:30pm Ultra Wideband Wireless Positioning Systems
Mohammad Reza Yavari
12-Dec-13 @ 2:30pm Let’s Play: Exploring Interaction Design Challenges of Digital Tabletops using Games
Stacey Scott
4-Dec-13 @ 2:30pm Better Dictionaries through Natural Language Processing
Paul Cook
29-Nov-13 @ 2:30pm Body Area Sensor Network
Zahoor Ali Khan
13-Nov-13 @ 2:30pm Social Feedback: Designing Systems that use Social Interaction History for Learning and Behaviour Change
Scott Bateman
1-Nov-13 @ 2:30pm User-Friendly Model Checking of Health Care Workflows
Yngve Lamo
23-Oct-13 @ 3:30pm The Mystery of the Missing Lower Bound
Joe Horton
6-Aug-13 @ 1:30pm Memory Retrieval and Graphical Passwords
Elizabeth Stobert
Baton: Key Agility for Android Without a Centralized Certificate Infrastructure
David Barrera
3-Jun-13 @ 3:30pm Real-Time Simulation of Camera Errors and Their Effect on Some Basic Robotic Vision Algorithms
Jessica Millberg
1-May-13 @ 3:30pm A Dynamic Moldable Job Scheduling Based Parallel SAT Solver
Sajjad Asghar
Nearest Facet of a Higher Dimensional Convex Hull to an Inner Point
Zhan Gao
15-Apr-13 @ 3:30pm Distributed Rendering for Interactive Multi-Screen Visualization Environments based on XNA Game Studio
Evangelos Zotos
20-Mar-13 @ 3:30pm Message Oriented Middleware: Overview, Capabilities and Demonstration
Rick Wightman
27-Feb-13 @ 3:30pm Managing Concurrency with Software Transactional Memory
Angus Fletcher
23-Jan-13 @ 3:30pm Wireless Industrial Control Networks
Victoria Pimentel
16-Jan-13 @ 1:30pm Content Sharing Dynamics in the Global File Hosting Landscape
Aniket Mahanti
28-Nov-12 @ 3:30pm Evaluation of Data Transfer from FPGA to PC: Increasing Frame Rate by BLOB Detection
Peter Samarin
21-Nov-12 @ 3:30pm Developing an Algorithm for Data Storage in the Cloud
Joe Horton
14-Nov-12 @ 3:00pm Higher-order Multidimensional Programming
John Plaice
10-Oct-12 @ 3:30pm An Enhanced Cooperative MAC Protocol Based on Perceptron Training
Peijian Ju
03-Oct-12 @ 3:30pm On Data Staging Strategies for Mobile Accesses to Cloud Services
Yang Wang
26-Sept-12 @ 3:30pm The Grailog Systematics for Visual-Logic Knowledge Representation with Generalized Graphs
Harold Boley
19-Sept-12 @ 3:30pm Arrr... RNA: Adventures on Computational Seas
Patricia Evans
12-Sept-12 @ 3:30pm IT Security and Innovation in Software Development
Lynne Ellyn
30-May-12 @ 4:00pm Model Driven Engineering and DPF
Yngve Lamo
28-Mar-12 @ 3:30pm Peer-generated Video Applications Survey: Use cases, and Prototypes
Bill McIver
22-Feb-12 @ 3:30pm Charting an innovative career path through CS: Experiences from the frontlines of social and technological impact
Sara Ehrhardt
16-Oct-11 @ 3:30pm Blurring Boundaries: Moving Beyond Rigid Input Modes to Enhance Interactions in Digital Environments
Pourang Irani
14-Oct-11 @ 2:30pm IBM Global Technology Outlook 2011
Stephen Perelgut
30-Sept-11 @ 10:30am From DNA to Jay-Z: How Ideas from Bioinformatics can Automate Finding Rhymes in Rap Music
Dr. Dan Brown
14-Sept-11 @ 3:30pm Distributed Object-Relational Knowledge as Positional-Slotted, Object-Applicative Rules
Dr. Harold Boley
03-Jun-11 @ 1:30pm
NRC-IIT - Training Room
46 Dineen Drive, Fredericton, NB
Expressive Querying of Semantic Databases with Incremental Query Rewriting
Dr. Alexandre Riazanov
02-Mar-11 @ 3:30pm
NRC-IIT - Training Room
46 Dineen Drive, Fredericton, NB
Exploring the Concept of Patient Self-Care: A Challenge of Complex Information Retrieval
Dr. Christina Godfrey
01-Jan-11 @ 3:30pm Process Mining: Improving BPM by Automatically Discovering Workflows
Dr. Scott Buffett
01-Dec-10 @ 3:30pm Sentient Algorithms: A Psychological Basis for Artificial Consciousness
Aaron Michaux
10-Nov-10 @ 3:30pm Computational Sequence Design Techniques for DNA Microarrays
Dr. Dan Tulpin
3-Nov-10 @ 3:30pm Einstein on a Computer
Joey Bernard
27-Oct-10 @ 3:30pm EMG Pattern Recognition for the Control of Powered Upper Limb Prostheses: State-of-the-Art and Challenges for Clinical Use
Dr. Kevin Englehart
20-Oct-10 @ 3:30pm Evolve with Machines
Dr. Howard Li
29-Sept-10 @ 3:30pm Orbitwise Polyhedral Representation Conversion
Dr. David Bremner
22-Sept-10 @ 3:30pm The Price of Anarchy: An Application to Supply Chain Contract
Dr. Donglei Du
28-July-10 @ 2:30pm The FIVIS Bicycle Simulator
David Scherfgen
A Low-cost Optical Motion Tracking System
Timur Saitov
14-May-10 @ 2:30pm BiKe: Interoperable Electronic Health Record Systems and Semantic Web Projects
Sungin Lee
31-Mar-10 @ 3:30pm Fixed-Parameter Tractability of Anonymizing Data by Suppressing Entries
Patricia Evans
24-Mar-10 @ 3:30pm I/O-efficient Rectangular Segment Search
Gautam Das
19-Mar-10 @ 2:30pm Critical Infrastructure Protection in Europe
Roberto Setola
17-Mar-10 @ 3:30pm Visualizing Executable Functional-Logic Specifications
Harold Boley
17-Feb-10 @ 3:40pm Pseudo-Random Numbers
Dr. Bill Knight
03-Feb-10 @ 3:30pm Virtual World Open Source Project
John DeDourek
07-Dec-09 @ 3:30pm Odin-II: Building a Compiler for Exploring FPGA Architectural Designs
Dr. Ken Kent
26-Oct-09 @ 3:30pm Autonomous Systems: What you always wanted to ask about robots and never dared to ask!
Dr. Paul Ploger
21-Oct-09 @ 3:30pm Introduction to Acenet
Joey Bernard
13-Oct-09 @ 4pm Taming the complexity monster
Holger H. Hoos, The University of British Columbia
5-Oct-09 @ 3:30pm IT Disconnect: High Demand / Low Supply
Dr. Danny Silver, Acadia University
30-Sept-09 @ 7:30pm Distributed Convolutional-Based Coding for Cooperative Systems
Mohamed Elfituri, PhD, Barrett Broadband Networks Inc.
*Sponsored by IEEE*
30-Sept-09 @ 3:30pm Compiling versus Code Conversion: Research Challenges in Legacy Application

Dr. Andrew McAllister, Faculty of Computer Science
23-Sept-09 Deep Proofs are Long: Introducing Merge Depth of Resolution Proofs
Dr. Joseph Horton, Faculty of Computer Science
24-Sept-08 University-Industrial Research Oppotunities and MITACS
Ian Baird, MITACS
08-Oct-08 A computational approach to the Hirsch Conjecture
Dr. David Bremner, Faculty of Computer Science
22-Oct-08 Knowledge Grid Research in China
Hai Zhuge, Professor, Institute of Computing Technology and Chinese Academy of Sciences
29-Oct-08 Towards E-Health Knowledge Grid for Evidence Based Medicine
Dr. Weichang Du, Faculty of Computer Science
5-Nov-08 Services in Support of Collaborative Virtual Organizations
Dr. Bruce Spencer, NRC IIT and FCS Adjunct Professor                            
12-Nov-08 On the Design of E-health Systems: Diagnostic Class of Patients as the Central Organizing Concept
Dr. Lev Goldfarb, Faculty of Computer Science
20-Nov-08 The next generation of SAT solvers
Robert Wille, University of Bremen
*Sponsored by IEEE*
24-Nov-08 Functional Coverage in Bounded Model Checking
Dr. Daniel Große, University of Bremen
26-Nov-08 Massive Data Algorithmics
Dr. Bradford Nickerson, Faculty of Computer Science
11-Mar-09 Identification and resolution of conflicts during ontology integration using rules
Dr. Yevgen Biletskiy from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UNB
18-Mar-09 On the Computational Complexity of Analogy-Based Models of Problem Solving: Implications and Opportunities
Dr. Dr. Todd Wareham from the Department of Computer Science, Memorial University
01-Apr-09 Can We Evolve an Artificial Conciousness? An April Fool's Project.
Dr. Joe Horton, Faculty of Computer Science
02-June-09 The Mathematics of Mathematical Handwriting Recognition
Stephen Watt, University of Western Ontario
19-Mar-08 Coordination of Collaboration as a Service
Dr. Bruce Spencer, NRC
20-Feb-08 Web Engineering with Ruby-on-Rails and Social Architectures
Dr. Dan Martell, Spheric Technologies Inc, Moncton
13-Feb-08 TransLucid, the Cartesian Programming
Dr. John Plaice, School of Computer Science and Engineering, the University of New South Wales, Australia
30-Jan-08 Identification of Parallelism in Handel C
Joseph Libby, PhD candidate
23-Jan-08 The Use of Commercial Technology For Military and Policing Training (with live demo)
Captain Jeremy MacDonald
16-Jan-08 Using Behavioral Specification for Digital System Design
Ke Deng (CS 6999 Presentation)
6-Dec-07 On the Computational Complexity of Privacy Advisors
Rhonda Chaytor, PhD candidate from Memorial University of Newfoundland
28-Nov-07 Toward Object-Oriented Software/Knowledge Co-Engineering
Weichang Du, Faculty of Computer Science
21-Nov-07 CMC Microsystems Presentation
Peter Stokes, Director, Research and Development CMC Microsystems
21-Nov-07 Quantitative Data and Decision Making for Muscular Disease
Andrew Hamilton-Wright, Post-Doctoral research fellow at Queen's University in the Faculty of Health Sciences
14-Nov-07 Programming for Multi-Core Processors
Gerhard Dueck, Faculty of Computer Science
5-Nov-07 Your Formal Invitation: How Formal Methods Can Be Useful
Dr. Bill Gardner, Modeling and Design Automation Group, Department of Computing
and Information Science at the University of Guelph
22-Oct-07 Web data and Text Mining Course
Amin Jashki, Hamid Baghi and Reza Zafarani, MCS students
15-Oct-07 The Unwelcome Visitor -- how an inefficient software construct can be made much faster
Nigel Horspool, Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Victoria
11-Oct-07 Distributed Intelligence Systems: A New Paradigm for Systems Integration
William A. Gruver, President of Intelligent Robotics Corporation and Professor Emeritus of Engineering Science at Simon Fraser University
10-Oct-07 Protecting Network QoS against DDoS Attacks
Dr. Wei Lu, Researcher at the Information Security Centre of eXcellence, UNB
3-Oct-07 A Framework for an Adaptive, Cost-sensitive Intrusion Detection and Response System
Natalia Stakhanova
12-Sept-07 Resource-Aware Load Balancing of Parallel Applications
Dr. Eric Aubanel, Faculty of Computer Science
1-Aug-07 Computer Vision for Industrial Applications
Dr. Rainer Herpers, Professor at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences for the Department of Computer Science located in Sankt Augustin, Germany and also an Adjunct Professor at York University for the Department of Computer Science and Engineering
18-Jul-07 Visualization in PC-based Environments
Dr. Rainer Herpers, Professor at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences for the Department of Computer Science located in Sankt Augustin, Germany and also an Adjunct Professor at York University for the Department of Computer Science and Engineering
20-Jun-07 Harrison McCain Foundation Visiting Professor
Dietmar Dietrich, Professor and Head of the Institute of Computer Technology at Vienna University of Technology
13-Jun-07 Applying Combinatorial Rigidity to the Mystery of Protein Allostery
Andrea Mantler, PhD Candidate from University of North Carolina
6-Jun-07 Performance Improvement Strategies in Fractal Image Coding
Dr. Dinesh B Kulkarni, Visiting Scholar from Department Of Computer Science
Walchand College Of Engineering, Sangli, MH, India
10-Apr-07 Pair Programming in Undergraduate CS Education
Dr. Eric Aubanel, Faculty of Computer Science
28-Mar-07 aWeb: A Framework for the Design, Creation & Deployment of Adaptive Websites
Dr. Chaouki Regoui, Research Associate & Project Manager, AIF
21-Mar-07 User Preference Elicitation for Automated Negotiation
Dr. Mike Fleming, FCS & Dr. Scott Buffett, NRC
14-Mar-07 Examining Specification Techniques for Hardware
Dr. Kenneth Kent, Faculty of Computer Science
28-Feb-07 Transforming Ourselves: Are We Up For It?
Dr. Jane Fritz, Faculty of Computer Science & VP Learning Environment
14-Feb-07 Finding Common RNA Substructures
Dr. Patricia Evans, Faculty of Computer Science
7-Feb-07 A Framework for User Guidance in Web Search Engine Interfaces Based on Past Users’ Behavior
Mohammadreza Barouni-Ebarahimi, PhD Candidate, Faculty of Computer Science
29-Jan-07 A Survey of Techniques for the Co-verification of Hardware/Software Co-designed Systems
Thomas Hall, PhD Candidate
17-Jan-07 Technology Enhanced Learning
Dr. Barbara Wasson, Visiting Professor from Department of Information Science and Media Studies Bergen University College, Norway
10-Jan-07 Is there a Short Proof? Clause trees” and the question "Is Np = coNP?"
Dr. Joseph Horton, Faculty of Computer Science
6-Dec-06 Motivating for Medical Informatics in general, and looking at possibilities for empowering ICU personnel through the use of advanced ICT tools in particular  *Sponsored by New Brunswick IEEE*
Svein-Ivan Lillenhaug, Visiting Professor from the Department of Computing within the Faculty of Engineering at Bergen University College, Norway
4-Dec-06 Poker for Fun and Profit (and Intellectual Challenge)
Robert Holte, Computing Science Department, University of Alberta
29-Nov-06 An Introduction to Multiagent Systems and an Agent-based Neural Network Environment (ANNE)  *Sponsored by New Brunswick IEEE*
Gordie Noye, PhD Candidate, Faculty of Computer Science
20-Nov-06 Computer Science and Internationalisation at Bergen University College, Norway
Svein-Ivan Lillenhaug, Visiting Professor from the Department of Computing within the Faculty of Engineering at Bergen University College, Norway
15-Nov-06 Integrating Teaching and Research: Interpreting a UNB Strategic Priority through CS Eyes
Dr. Jane Fritz, Professor, Faculty of Computer Science & VP Learning Environment
1-Nov-06 Stable and Unstable Foldings of Proteins in the H-P Model
Dr. David Bremner, Professor, Faculty of Computer Science
14-Sep-06 Intensional Programming for Software Product Lines
Dr. Weichang Du, Professor, Faculty of Computer Science
19-Jul-06 The Role of Animation at Three Levels of the Information Visualization Framework
Dr. Pourang Irani
5-Jul-06 A Branch and Cut Algorithm for the Halfspace Depth Problem
Dr. David Bremner & Dan Chen
24-Apr-06 A practical application of a Service Oriented Architecture
Ronald Surette & William Bembridge, ACOA
12-Apr-06 The First Class(Ification)–Oriented Representational Formalism
Dr. Lev Goldfarb
15-Feb-06 Traffic-Engineering Based Routing and Channel Allocation in Wired and Wireless Networks
Dr. Junaid A. Khan
5-Dec-05 Succinct Indexes and their Applications
Ian Munro
2-Nov-05 Shedding some light on Mixed Integer Linear Programming (Brief Version)
Shedding some light on Mixed Integer Linear Programming (Extended Version)
Michael Lamoureux
2-Nov-05 Semantic Matching Algorithms
Lu Yang (CS 6999 Presentation)
30-Nov-05 Software Test Automation
Atif Latif (CS 6999 Presentation)
23-Nov-05 Cost Metrics for Reversible and Quantum Logic Synthesis
Dmitri Maslov (Sponsored by New Brunswick IEEE)
2-Nov-05 Minimum Cycle Bases of Graphs
Joe Horton
10-Aug-05 Solving optimal containment problems via cutting plane algorithms
Rene Brandenberg, Technical University of Munich, Germany
25-May-05 Foundations of Semantic Web Services:  Description Logic and Pi-Calculus
Sandy Liu
06-Apr-05 Autonomic Risk Management Framework For Critical Infrastructure Protection
Dr. Mihaela Ulieru
30-Mar-05 An Overview of Communication Research Centre and the Terrestrial Wireless Systems Branch
Dr. Gerry Chan
23-Feb-05 Primal-Dual methods for data depth
Dr. David Bremner
12-Jan-05 Shortest-Path Algorithms for Massive Graphs
Norbert Zeh
24-Nov-04 Mobility, Context Awareness and Applications in Next Generation Networks.
Bernd Kurz
4-Nov-04 Separation Made Easier
David Bremner, Thomas Burger & Peter Gritzmann
27-Oct-04 A Collaborative Multi-agent based System Using Interaction Protocols
Dr. Maryam Purvis
22-Sept-04 Adjustable Autonomy in Robotic Systems
Josh Dick
17-Mar-04 Automated Synthesis for Adaptive Hypermedia
Mehran Nadjarbashi-Noghani
25-Feb-04 Cooperation, Collaboration, and Social Rationality in Agents
Elijah Bitting
25-Feb-04 Scheduling Patient Tests Using JACK Intelligent Agents
Yu Guan
28-Jan-04 Human Computer Interface: Snakelife Input Device Generates Two and Three Dimensional Images
Measurand, Inc.
5-Jan-04 Delivery of semantically diverse learning objects to learner's context
Yevgen Biletskiy
17-Dec-03 Don't Forget the People: Human Factors of System Security
Scott Flinn
15-Dec-03 Automatic detection of viruses and stopping the spread
Michael Jewett
8-Dec-03 Virtual Private Network for UNBF
Michael Jewett
3-Dec-03 Qualitative Model Abstraction and Debugging for Model-based Diagnosis By
Yuhong Yan
5-Nov-03 The New Brunswick Prince Edward Island Research Grid
Dave Macneil
27-Oct-03 Building the National Science Digital Library (U.S.)
Diane Hillman
24-Sep-03 Finding Patterns in Data: A Comparison of Machine Learning Techniques Applied to KDD-CUP 2000 Customer Data
Wenpu Xing, John Lei, Mark Kilfoil and Jing Lu
28-May-03 Get results: fast, correct, reliable
Joerg Schwarz
12-May-03 Existing, Proposed and Developing Standards in Wireless Computing
Jasminder Grewal
07-May-03 Probabilistic Methods in Integer Programming
Andrew Smith
02-Apr-03 Quality of Services in Distributed Computing
Jiangyun Xu
28-Mar-03 Investigation of Visual Programming Languages
Jia Qian
26-Mar-03 Data Mining Methodologies - Survey of Customer Profiling
Xiaowen Xu & Yu Guan
18-Mar-03 Informatics: synthesis of experiment and calculation
Jonathan M. Goodman
03-Mar-03 The Basic Ideas of Syntactic Pattern Recognition
Muhammad Al-Digeil
26-Feb-03 The Past, Present and Future of Image Representations
Dave Gay
19-Feb-03 Research Challenges in Reversible Logic Synthesis
Dr. Gerhard Dueck
12-Feb-03 Pattern Recognition as Entropy Minimization
Dave Gay
10-Feb-02 Quantum Computation and Quantum Information
Dmitri Maslov
29-Jan-03 Adaptive Hypermedia: Using Bayesian Networks for Computer Adaptive Testing
Janet Noye
20-Nov-02 A New Method for Evaluating Learning Algorithms
Huajie Zhang
6-Nov-02 Architecture of the Eclipse Open Extensible Integrated Development Environment
Michael Van Meekeren
01-Nov-02 Making the Most of Multimodal Interfaces
Murray Crease
30-Oct-02 Doing Logic Design In Two Directions At Once (And Why One Wants To)
Mike Miller
23-Oct-02 A Teaching Approach For Software Testing
Andrew McAllister
16-Oct-02 Measuring Traffic at the Core of the Internet
Alex Lopez-Ortiz
07-Oct-02 A UNB-Fredericton Interactive Campus Map
Rick Wightman
04-Oct-02 IPv6: The Next Generation of the Internet Protocol
Michael Jewett
20-Sept-02 The Two Median Problem on a Tree with Positive and Negative Vertex Weights
Robert Benkoczi